Merriott Group is a specialist in the process of thermoset injection moulding. This automated process transforms granular materials into moulded shapes and components to meet the needs of our clients. For many clients, it provides the most suitable solution for component creation which, paired with our expertise and professionalism, meets specific requirements exactly. Thermoset injected components are able to maintain their physical properties at elevated temperatures. This makes them ideally suited to applications such as electrical connector housings, automotive ashtrays and handles and knobs for cookware appliances .

During the process, granular or pelletised materials are added into a hopper where it is then gravity fed into a barrel and screw. Here, the material is heated and injected into a hot mould under pressure to fill the mould tool. The component is cured,  where it is then removed from the machine as a semi-finished product. Items produced using this process are more robust and able to offer a longer lifespan than those produced by thermoplastic injection moulding. The team here at Merriott Plastics Group are specialists in mould design including the choice of tool steels, heat treating of the tool steels and plating requirements for tool life and part finish.  

Our thermoset injection moulding presses range from 25 to 300 tonnes in clamping pressure. This allows us to manufacture different sizes parts with the option of making multi-cavity moulds.  We remove flash from the components by sandblasting or automatic feeding and tumbling to finish the parts to the correct quality of your product specification. 

Merriott Group is a premier injection moulding and compression composite moulding company. If you are interested in the services we provide or would like further information, get in contact with the team here today.