Merriott Group offers specialist thermoplastic injection moulding services to our commercial clients. This form of manufacturing allows us to produce plastic parts to your exact specifications again and again. Thermoplastics are polymers that can be heated in order to soften or melt them. They are then injected into a mould when molten and allowed to cool before becoming solid once again. This process allows companies to produce large quantities of components or articles needed for specific requirements. 

We pride ourselves at being thermoplastic injection moulding experts.  Merriott Group is dedicated to providing the latest equipment for this specialist process. If you require a list of the equipment we use, please request this via the contact page. Our presses range from 25 tonnes through to 1100 tonnes in tonne clamping pressure. We utilize programmable controllers to fine-tune the whole process which gives us the flexibility to manufacture for large and small businesses alike. With our facilities based here in the UK, we can produce the smallest plastic injection mouldable component through to one that has a footprint of over 1 square meter. Our professional moulding team also uses a variety of auxiliary equipment to keep production costs down, including robots and sprue pickers. 

Merriott Group is a premier injection moulding and compression composite moulding company. If you are interested in the services we provide or would like further information, get in contact with the team here today.