Mouldings supplied to our customers within this sector, are used for air control movement in tunnels, along with air conditioning in both commercial and domestic properties.

Heat recovery and air distribution in the modern home, is becoming more widely used and demanded in order to meet with today’s house building specifications. These parts range in size from small sub-parts within the units, to large cabinet covers and structural parts. The final units are widely used in homes in the UK and Europe.

Large Impellers are fully assembled for final assembly at the customers production facility. These large Impellers are fitted with the Drive Spinner, with an in-moulded steel hub. Parts are then balanced using small weights, in order to satisfy customer specifications. They are always balanced on regularly serviced and calibrated equipment, to ensure smooth running when in operation.

Merriott Group facilities include a well-established and highly experienced capability, for producing sub-assemblies, to assist in streamlining the customer’s production assembly process.

Merriott Group expertise in this sector, frequently enables us to offer design inspiration and input at the outset. With our knowledge of tooling, materials, process, enables us to bring at the forefront ideas on cost savings to the benefit of all. This then provides our customers opportunities to gain business in a highly priced but competitive sector.