The Merriott Group manufactures a number of different designs of Rail Insulators, predominately for 3rd Rail live running systems. They are manufactured in BMC/DMC glass filled Thermoset Polyester material. The Merriott Group uses a unique process, in that these products are mainly manufactured on our side-ram compression presses. This enables complex shapes to be designed into the product and tooled, so that necessary under-cut detail can be moulded at ease. Brass inserts are moulded in for fitment to steel infrastructure, and Rail Support brackets.

In under-ground Rail applications, both standard BMC/DMC, along with ultra-low smoke (with enhanced fire resistance and lower toxins/smoke) is used to produce live Rail Insulators. These parts are manufactured on our side ram presses also. This is due to necessary product design requirements for easier installation. Using this type of Insulator has replaced expensive, hard to source, and easily damaged ceramic parts. Being produced in these materials has improved the product life span, reduced service costs, and therefore more cost effective in a very harsh environment.

Another Rail Support/Insulator is used extensively on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). This products uses moulded-in inserts, to enable fitting to both steel and concrete infrastructure. Complex tooling using hydraulic cylinders, and insert loading jigs, has enable the product to be supplied from the original tooling at the outset in 1988 of the DLR facility up to the present day.

A more complex 2 Rail Insulator has been tooled, with complex insert detail and hydraulic cylinder actions. This product was for the first stage of the Vancouver Skytrain, and then for the Kelana Jaya (Malaysia) automated transit systems.

Rolling stock parts, as such Arc Barriers, Axle Guards, Fuse Boxes, Covers for Terminal, are manufactured in SMC (Sheet) glass filled Polyester materials. These materials have improved fire resistance, lower toxin levels, and enhanced smoke requirements to suit HL2 and HL3 in various R levels for higher Railway specifications.

Not all parts are manufactured in Thermoset materials for this sector. Thermoplastic is specified for a variety of mouldings for other products for Railway specifications.

Parts produced are installed in many facilities around the world. We are pleased that we support our customers with our experience, knowledge and suitable presses in this sector. In support of this is the relationship with our material suppliers, tool designers and tool makers, all being in the UK.

If you have existing parts or a new project, and wish to deal with an experienced manufacturer, then please contact the team at Merriott Group.

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