Merriott Group manufactures a wide range of industrial mouldings that are used in the oil, gas and water industries. These products are in both Thermoplastic and Thermoset materials.

A range of Enclosures/Junction Boxes for a UK customer, are produced in SMC (sheet moulding compound) – glass filled Polyester, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and Polycarbonate. These products are widely used and specified for Oil Rigs, Oil Fields, large ships, railway infrastructure and many other applications worldwide.

Other mouldings are manufactured for use in hazardous areas above, and below ground. Such applications are for sound safety warnings, lighting, electrical panels and controls. These are manufactured in BMC/DMC (bulk/dough moulding compound)- glass filled polyester, high specification FR Polycarbonate, and FR glass filled Nylon. These materials are specified to ensure safety compliance of the end products.

Further parts are produced for the monitoring of various water, liquids and the disposal of wastewaters. These applications are all around the globe. These mouldings require materials that are approved for such applications and regulations. Hence they need to be robust enough to last many years in facilities that are rarely manned but monitored remotely.

Another application requires the use of a PPS(Polyphenylene-Sulfide) material with a stainless steel filler additive. These products are used in the petrol-chemical industry. Electrical tracking and insulation are critical to avoid possible fire and explosion. Being of plastic has replaced similar parts in metal, which required additional insulation.

So, if you have a design or existing product for these industries and typical applications, please contact the team at Merriott Group, who can assist in the product design, material choice, along with our tooling and moulding experiences.

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