Merriott Group manufacture many industrial mouldings, but also manufacture mouldings for use in the food display and preparation.

To offer some examples of the items:

A long-standing customer supplies a Cheese Cutter Board to many locations around the world and UK establishments. The item enables blocks/rounds of cheese to be portioned up at the delicatessen display counter or commercial facilities. The product has been moulded in Somerset since the late ’70s, using the original compression mould tool. The part is moulded in Melamine material, so is robust, food-safe and easily cleaned.

A range of food detail and price ticket display mouldings are manufactured and supplied to a client, who supplies all major retailers in the UK. These are seen in most delicatessen counters, and many other establishments providing meat, fish cheese, etc. These parts are manufactured in a food-safe grade of Polycarbonate. In this material, they withstand constant use, and are dishwasher safe.

Fully assembled and supplied in a point of sale packaging is a Tofu press. Being of the moment in the popularity of plant-based food, the parts are moulded and then fully assembled at our facility in Kent. Parts are produced in Acetal, Nylon & ABS materials, from tooling procured in the UK.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material is used extensively for the majority of parts for a Ice Cream dispenser. The unit comprises parts from 20 grams to 1,500 grams, on presses ranging from 50t to 700t in Kent.

These are just a few examples of mouldings we provide for the food sector. If you have a design, or existing parts, please contact the team at Merriott Group for further information and service.