Merriott Group has a comprehensive experience of manufacturing components for Specialist Auto & Industrial Engines.

These are high end interior trim parts for doors, consoles, stowage, instrument panel surrounds for luxury and high performance vehicles. In addition, light cluster mountings and lenses for various sports cars and buses. A range of materials are used, namely PC/ABS Blend, Polycarbonate and filled Nylons

For industrial Engines, engine cylinder covers in many different configurations, using Thermoset BMC/DMC proven material. Along with other under-bonnet engine components, mounting plates for ECU’s and fume management, in high specification engineering grades of Thermoplastic materials.

To support this sector, our PPAP, APQP and MSA processes ensure that the challenges of product introductions, are fully managed, and appreciated by the team. Performance, functionality, reliability of the moulded product, and support services are all considered and vital to the smooth process of product introduction and supply chain.

Merriott Group have proven post moulding processes, which have enable the addition of assembly opportunities, plastic welding options, and pressure testing.

Further product verification and check marking to ensure that consistent product quality is provided. This ensures that when delivered direct to the customers assembly lines, parts are assured to be fitted at line side without further checks.

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