Merriott Plastics have converted an idea into reality. At the same time supporting our vital NHS, carers and many more besides in saving precious ears !! Our ‘Ear Saver’ has taken a 3d printed item, and turned it into a production part in less than 8 days to the first 15,000 parts!! This was achieved with the great relationship with the tool maker, Premier Tools Ltd in Cleakheaton, the carrier A to B in Bradford. Both providing their services free of charge. Finally of course, the personnel at Merriott Plastics. Please see the attached document for further details.…/Earsaver-Info-May2020.pdf

Since the launch of the Ear Saver back in May, we have supplied many thousands to different organisations, including hospitals. These have been delivered to local establishments, and further afield in the UK. In these challenging times, the wearing of masks becoming more widely accepted. With the need to be masked up to enter many shops and places of business, be they the clinical mask type or the home made mask, saving Ears is more important than ever. Individuals and establishments have been very grateful of our efforts, as can be seen in the following letter, Thank you letter to Merriott Plastics Ltd

Please contact us if you require further information, or would like to inquiry on purchasing Ear Saver’s, we will be more than pleased to be of service.


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