Over the last few weeks, where we have had heat, then rain, then heat again, and now the downhill slide to darker nights, Merriott Group, have been busy reviewing and working on enhancement of its customer base. Several activities have been placed in hand and we would like to share them with you.



Bourne out of the urgency to support our vital services (NHS and other key services/industries) in the country, during its hour of need with Covid 19, the web site www.ukmfgunite.co.uk with hastag #ukmfgUnite, brings together what they have termed ‘Collaborationeers’. In other words, companies looking for support, and more importantly, suppliers from within the UK. We are pleased to support and be a part of this drive to make Britain great, and maintain those important vital jobs in all business in the UK. We have already offered our services to 2 companies and will keep you posted.


A go-to web site for all aspects within the plastics industry, from machinery to materials and surplus equipment, PlastikCity have added a new service, source a moulder. Potential clients can click on the link www.plastikCity/sourceamoulder and then select the discipline that they are looking for. Merriott Group have committed to the Compression moulding selection, but of course also provide injection moulding at our 2 facilities, Rochester, Kent having presses from 25t to 1,100t clamping.



Using Mail Chimp, and with data as provided by CorpData based in Teignmouth Devon, we have sent out introductory mails to over 400 potential new clients. These companies are listed as being in the manufacturing and engineering sic codes. These mails will be refreshed and sent out monthly. A further 600 potential clients will be added during September.