Merriott Group is a provider of both injection moulded thermoplastic and thermoset materials into many different applications and products,

The machines range in clamp tonnage from 25 to 1,100t in thermoplastic and 30 to 300t in thermoset. Our flexibility in service to our customers, is aided by a wide range of machines across these 2 separate processes, being Arburg, Battenfield, Billon, Boy, Demag, Engel, Krauss Maffei, Negri Bossi and Sandretto.

We process a wide range of polymers, and have excellent relationships with our key polymer suppliers. Materials processed, to name but a few, are commercial commodity grades of PP, LLDPE, PS, then onto engineering grades of ABS, PA, PC, PMMA, PPO, PC/ABS alloys, PC/PA alloys, and the exotic grades of PES, PPS, PEEK, all either standard grades or with various fillers or FR orĀ  additives, plus Phenolic and Melamine, all to suit the moulded product application.

For further information please refer to the separate pages under Injection Moulding and select Thermoplastic or Thermoset Injection Moulding.

Merriott Group is a premier injection moulding and compression composite moulding company. If you are interested in the services we provide or would like further information, get in contact with the team here today.