Here at Merriott Group, we offer a range of specialist Finishing services for injection and compression moulding. These processes allow the finish of your component to be enhanced to the end product specification. The finishing services we provide include:

  • Post mould inserting by heat, ultra-sonics or mechanical – using metal brass and plated inserts, to provide threaded hole or stud fixings.
  • Drilling – to provide clean diameter holes
  • Thread tapping – either of plain mould-in inserts or directly into the moulded article from small threads to M110 x 3
  • Screen and pad printing – of both thermoplastic and thermoset mouldings, with customer logo’s and detailed wording.
  • Ultrasonic welding – of plastic parts together to form finished items
  • Hot staking – of either plastic parts together to form finished items, or of metal brackets
  • Machining – of both thermoplastic and thermoset mouldings to add additional features or critical dimensions.
  • 3 Axis CNC routing – of both thermoplastic and thermoset mouldings to enhance further additional features
  • Assembly & Kitting – to enable parts to be supplied direct to our customers end user, or to their own assembly lines.
  • Electrical testing – of parts with inserts to ensure there is no tracking between the inserts, for electrical safety. Testing carrier out upto 10Kva on certified equipment.
  • Vibration Welding – of specific parts together and final assembly of seals.

We undertake many complex assemblies and finishing operations, that are required for your product specification.  From the simple fitting of inserts, through to the full assembly of your product, kitting of parts and packing for final point of sale. Our specialist team are on hand to support your project and get it completed to the highest standard.

Merriott Group is a premier injection moulding and compression composite moulding company. If you are interested in the services we provide or would like further information, get in contact with the team here today.