At the end of March, with the Covid 19 pandemic starting to become a reality in the UK, a long-standing customer, made an urgent request for support, and assistance. The customer, based in Leeds, manufactures many assemblies, of which one item was of keen interest. The moulding in question, is a GF Nylon Housing for a magnetic actuator. We have produced this part for many years, without knowing the many different, and various end applications. Our customer was working in providing an engineering solution for a new Ventilator design. Of course at that time, there was much publicised demand for Ventilators, both in the UK and the world. The news was full of companies rushing to support the national call by NHS and Government, in order to provide innovative Ventilator solutions at a critical time.

Our customer was working with his clients, to shorten the supply time, and carry out exhaustive testing, of their proposal for a new style of Ventilator, in the quickest time possible.

We provided a detailed cost proposal, as it was envisaged that over 30,000 parts would be required. We supported our proposal with a timeline of material supply, manufacture of the 30,000 parts, and a delivery plan to support our customer. At the same time, the mould tool was transferred from storage to our in-house tool-room, for through inspection, cleaning of vital parts, and made ready for loading to the press. The product design has 2 very small diameter holes, which are produced on vulnerable small pins, so the opportunity was taken to produce additional pins, as a just in case replacement support.

All this took place just before the country wide lock-down, and with the long Easter week-end approaching, regular communications with the customer was maintained.

Despite the best efforts of our customer, the end client failed to meet the set criteria by the NHS. However, our customer responded as follows,

The product could not meet the technical demands at this stage.

Anyhow – we are looking for other medical opportunities now that we have not done before so we do hope to get into new markets.

Appreciate your support and keen interest Kevin – its re-assuring to know we have great partners who will help us when needed!