We are pleased to announce that we can now carry out Fused Deposition Modelling as a service to our customers. The addition of this 3D printer makes use of simple but effective stl file formats, from small parts of approximately 10mm cube to 200mm cube.

This service will enable us to provide initial proving samples of designs, in order that the customer can have hands-on touch and feel to their designs. It will bring to life the design and interaction with other parts, enabling assemblies to be made, tweaks and adjustments to a robust 3D printed part for further development.
It will provide the customer the opportunity to make further design model changes, the re-printing of further 3D parts, re-evaluation, and proving, without an expensive outlay of tooling or machined prototypes.

Whilst the 3D printed part represents the profile and detail, such is the nature of the process and materials, it will not be dimensionally perfect. But having the part to visualize, hold, and as an object for further discussion with fellow colleagues, designers, and production will pay dividends many times over.
Another benefit of the 3D printed part/samples, is that they can be coloured close as possible to the colour of the end design. This allows for time to be spent on packaging for point-of-sale cartons, along with photographs for promotion by social media, website, and of course the packaging for the end customer/user.
So far, and in a short time frame, two customer designs have been proven using this service. We have now manufactured the production tooling and samples produced in specified materials. The provision of the 3D printed parts provided confidence in the design, feasibility, feel, shape, size, function, and shortcut many hours of computer design and viewing.

So, if you have a design of a product, and want additional support with our 3D printing service, please contact us and send a stl file format, we can evaluate and prove out your design. We make no charge for this service but consider it part of building the customer relationship and understanding of the design/product. By doing so it enables us to support you with design suggestions, materials and tooling aspects, along with both process and quality considerations.

This process is applicable to both injection thermoplastic, injection thermoset and compression/composite compression designs. With our extensive range of capabilities in these materials we are a preferred choice for your sourcing needs.

Please contact sales@merriott.com, or call Kevin on 0146072457 for an immediate response